A Special Announcemnt

Kerri and Todd are announcing Leah Delaney Elizabeth Vincent (Strawberry)
as one of Michigan's newest members in M.H.P.A.
Leah was born September 22, 2014 at 11:01 a.m. weighing 7lb 14oz @ 20.5 inches in length.
Both Leah and Kerri are doing well.
As a little family, we are so thankful for the
addition of our wonderful baby girl.

A HUGE thank you from our family to all the M.H.P.A. members,
family and friends who contributed kind words and
gifts in welcoming Leah to our family.

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Todd, Kerri & Leah

Family and friends contact Todd for snapfish.com login information.

What is the MHPA?

The purpose of the Michigan Horseshoe Pitchers Association is to promote the great game of horseshoes in this way: "The sport of horseshoe pitching affords a healthy, scientific, pleasant and competitive sport suitable to all persons with a desire to unify horseshoe adherents, standardize horseshoepitching rules, authorize and conduct tournaments of local, state and national scope, promote the establishment of league and clubs.

Joining the MHPA is Easy

To join the MHPA, just fill out the application and send it in. You will meet some great people who love the game of horseshoes. A small fee is charged ($35) annually, which includes membership in the NHPA and insurance for all sanctioned events.

Why Join the MHPA?

Horseshoe pitching is at its finest when played with some competition, especially those that love the game. One can practice endless hours on a home court, but joining the MHPA gives you a chance to improve your game and have camaraderie with other players in the Michigan Horseshoe Pitchers Association. The exercise and competition is great.

When you join the MHPA

A current tournament schedule will be sent to you along with a packet of information containing the MHPA constitution and bylaws, history of the game, how to call score, Michigan State Champions dating back to 1923. You will also receive the official rules of horseshoe pitching, updated maps to each tournament site, a subscription to our newsletter, "The Ringer Report", and much, much more!

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